Kelsey Schreiber

Kelsey L. Schreiber is a M.S. student in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Her research focuses on the definition of success in international engineering. Looking at both qualitative and quantitative datasets, she hopes to explain the necessity of defining success from stakeholder perspectives and the implications this has on project sustainability.

Kelsey has always enjoyed looking at the human aspect of engineering. As an undergraduate she researched the cross-section of water, energy, and policy, specifically working to quantify the potential direct and indirect energy and water savings from appliance retrofits at the residential scale. She also looked at the sociotechnical nature of green infrastructure plans in major U.S. cities and how that effects policymaking.

Research Topics

  • Social implications of engineering infrastructure
  • International engineering project success metrics
  • Stakeholder dynamics in international engineering


  • Chini, C.M., Schreiber, K.L., Barker, Z.A., Stillwell, A.S. (2016). “Quantifying Energy and Water Savings in the U.S. Residential Sector.” Environmental Science & Technology.
  • Chini, C.M., Canning, J.F., Schreiber, K.L., Peschel, J.M., Stillwell, A.S. (2016). “The Green Experiment: Cities, Green Infrastructure, and Sustainability.” Sustainability.


  • B.S. in Systems Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2016


  • Food and Agriculture Big Data Fellowship
  • Lydia I. Pickup Memorial Scholarship